Lessons - Voice

The IVA method focuses on freedom in singing and makes it as easy as speaking.  This technique is designed to help each student reach his or her fullest potential as a vocalist. Robyn specifically designs each lesson for YOU and your needs and goals. Learn how to smoothly transition through your registers/bridges, comfortably sing high notes, and develop strength and confidence.  Vocal coaching, audition preparation, and the practice of repertoire is all included, but a high priority is placed on proper vocal technique. Once you have that, you can sing anything!

Lessons - Piano/Keys

A stress free method of playing is essential in developing dexterity, speed and confidence!  For the beginning student, Robyn ensures understanding of the basic musical tenants (rhythm, notes, tempo) and incorporates fun and energizing off bench activities to review concepts with iPad app drills, listen to repertoire and complete theory worksheets.

Studio Locations and pricing

There are currently two studio locations available to take lessons. The first is at 1904 Doubletree Dr., Janesville, WI 53546 with the second being for St. Matthew's Lutheran School students.   On-line lessons are also available.   Robyn's lesson rates are $25 for 30 minute piano/keys and $35 for 30 minute Voice lessons.  There is also a $5.00 per month technical fee charged for each student.

Please see the New Student Registration Page to inquire about lessons!